This website is dedicated to all the honest police and brave members of the public who are prepared to speak about police corruption and mismanagement.

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photo_smoking_gunThis website is hosted by former NSW Detective Senior Constable Deborah Locke, author of Watching the Detectives. [ABC Books]

Deborah blew the whistle on major corruption within the ranks of the NSW Police Force during the 1990’s. Her perseverance in going public with her allegations of widespread corruption ultimately helped bring about the establishment of the Wood Royal Commission which lead to wide ranging reforms to the brotherhood.

Deborah is a member of Whistleblowers Australia and has previously been a representative on the NSW Police Internal Witness Advisory Council. Deb is also available for guest speaker engagements.

As we continue to hear reports in the media about crooked detectives in police forces throughout the country, both state and federally, we need to support the honest cops in their efforts to weed out the corrupt ones. Unfortunately this responsibility is almost exclusively left to relatively junior officers.


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Whistleblowers Australia is prepared to support and provide valuable advice to any police or members of the public before,during and after they report criminal police activity.

Even today after the success of the Fitzgerald & Wood Royal Commissions Police whistleblowers continue to be harassed, victimized and branded by the guilty as mentally defective. Honest cops still fall victim to payback allegations that are nearly always more strenuously investigated by IA Branches than the original complaint.


Griffith University and the University of Melbourne are running an international survey about attitudes to whistleblowing. The survey is anonymous and anyone can take part, not just whistleblowers. We invite you to participate in the World Online Whistleblowing Survey. Click here to access the survey page.


NSW Police corruption novels by Deborah Locke

Find out more about Deborah's Australian Police Corruption stories by ordering her NSW Police Corruption books.


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UNDERBELLY III ‘The Golden Mile’


‘Watching the Detective’s’ has become a major source of material for the latest production in the Underbelly series. Deborah's character in Underbelly will be known as 'Debbie Webb/Deborah Webb/Debra Webb'.

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Australian police corruption books

Deborah Locke is an author of Australian police corruption books, including stories about NSW Police Corruption - order Watching The Detectives.


Guest Speaking

Deborah Locke is available for Media interviews & comment; as well as public speaking engagements.


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